Extract and create Pkzip compatible files with Alpha ZIP.

What is a Pkzip compatible file? Originally created with a tool called Pkzip, these .zip files are used for compressing data, making it smaller and easier to distribute. To create and extract Pkzip compatible files, you need a special utility - and Alpha ZIP is the shareware that makes this easier than ever before. Whether you're completely new to compressed files or a seasoned veteran, you'll find Alpha ZIP more intuitive and easier to use than any of the other tools that are out there. Just download the free trial version, and start creating and extracting pkzip compatible files immediately!


This user-friendly compression tool can also handle a vast number of other compressed formats, and thanks to its unique level of Windows integration it enables you to do more in less time. You no longer need any additional software just to open/create certain types of archives - Alpha ZIP can handle them!

As well as extracting and creating pkzip compatible files, Alpha ZIP works with cab, 7-zip, gzip, jar, tar, rar and more. With an intuitive interface, handy email integration and easy file conversion between formats, this compression tool is the solution you're looking for.

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Alpha ZIP - the easy, reliable shareware for pkzip files.