WinZip self extractor or Alpha ZIP?

Contrary to popular belief, WinZip is not the only available tool when it comes to extracting and creating ZIP files. True, WinZip is the best known - but if you thought WinZip was also the easiest to use, you'll be very interested in hearing about Alpha ZIP.


Alpha ZIP is a remarkably user-friendly compression tool with a unique degree of integration with Windows. Unlike many of the other ZIP tools (such as WinZip) it includes advanced features like Self Extracting archives and Compress and Email without any extra charge. This ZIP tool lets you work like the experts - but you won't have to spend hours working out how to do so!

So what, exactly, is a self extracting file (also known as self extracting archive or SFX)? A self extracting file can read or extract itself without the need for any installed programs. In other words, it is a really program that that encapsulates a compressed file. A self extracting file is very useful if you want to send an archive to someone else, but don't know if they know how to handle archive files. Alpha ZIP supports self extracting files and makes it easy to turn your ZIP files into programs - without having to pay anything extra!

Some of the reviews of Alpha ZIP compare it to WinZip:

"Why would you use Alpha ZIP instead of WinZip? The best reason that I can give is that it is easier to use."

"AlphaZip beat the leading competition hands down!"

"Nothing I've seen offers the degree of transparency and integration AlphaZIP delivers."

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Alpha ZIP includes a free self extractor!