Unzipping TAR files with Alpha ZIP.

What are TAR files? TAR is a UNIX command which lets you store a number of different files within a single archive. TAR files are ideal for storing downloadable data, as they maintain the relative location of the files in the directory structure. Furthermore, TAR files enable you to transfer complex programs which may have many separate parts with internal relationships that must remain intact. With Alpha ZIP, unzipping TAR files is both easy and safe.


Alpha ZIP is the TAR extractor that can both open and create TAR files. This powerful TAR compression tool can also handle a vast number of other compressed formats, and thanks to its unique level of Windows integration it enables you to do more in less time. With Alpha ZIP, you can browse TAR files and other archives just like folders on your hard disk. Just locate the file in Windows Explorer, and double-click it - Explorer will then simply browse the file as if it were a folder. Unlike some other Zip and TAR extractors, Alpha ZIP will show all folders and subfolders correctly, in the way you are accustomed to from Windows Explorer.

There are many benefits to using this friendly compression tool - you will undoubtedly be pleased to hear there is no need to pay extra for advanced features like Self Extracting Archives or Compress and Email! With Alpha ZIP, you can work like the experts with NO extra costs and NO extra time spent on learning how to use these advanced features. As well as extracting TAR files, Alpha ZIP works with 7-zip, gzip, cab, rar and more. Download our compression tool, and discover how it can make your life easier!

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Extracting TAR files with AlphaZIP!