Alpha ZIP, the only ZIP program you need.

What is a zip program? A ZIP file is a file that can contain other files and folders. It's pretty much like a folder in Windows, but at the same time it's just a single file, which means that it's easier to move around. Another advantage of ZIP files is that they are compressed, which means that they take up less disk space. A ZIP program is simply a program that can create and open ZIP files. Some ZIP programs, such as Alpha ZIP, can also handle other file formats. A general name for such files is archives.


Alpha ZIP is the ZIP program that can both create and extract a number of different compressed formats. Thanks to its unique level of Windows integration it enables you to do more in less time. With Alpha ZIP, you can open ZIP files and other archives and browse them just like folders on your hard disk. Just locate the file in Windows Explorer, and double-click it - Explorer will then simply browse the file as if it were a folder. Unlike some other Zip programs, Alpha ZIP will show all folders and subfolders correctly, in the way you are accustomed to from Windows Explorer.

As well as extracting ZIP files, Alpha ZIP works with rar, 7-zip, gzip, cab, tar and more. With an intuitive interface, handy email integration and easy file conversion between formats, this zip program is the solution you're looking for.

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Alpha ZIP, the ZIP program that is both powerful and easy to use!